Carmel Part 1: Weekend Trip

One weekend over the summer to Carmel, CA known for being VERY dog friendly. Dogs were pretty much everywhere. Except for this one part downtown with a sign saying "no dogs," kinda strange since it was the only green spot we seemed to find in town. Carmel, was pretty fabulous, I would live there. We can't really afford that price tag. Plus I have a feeling its foggy pretty often. We set out from SLO and drove up Hwy 1 (the Scenic Way), stopped and saw the elephant seals (been there done that), came across lots and lots of fog. so much fog that Ty made up a new word... "Foggly." As he was say, its fog thats so thick you can't see through it. In many cases on the drive we would pull over to look, thinking we weren't up that high, stop and get out to stop (take pictures of the fog, haha, see below) and here the waves, um yeah kinda glad we could only see through faint patches of fog. Anyway, the drive got nicer as we got closer to Big Sur. We even rolled the windows down for Bogie for a bit, I know not the best plan but he now knows how to make the window roll down. Lastly along the journey, with out arrival in Carmel we discovered Pet Food Express. We were kinda impressed with the dog walking station and the biggest case of raw dog food we had ever seen. Oh and we brought our own human snacks, rolls, salami, cheese, and home grown tomatoes and always must have kettle chips. They made great faces! Enjoy and check out Part 2.