a new year, brings a puppy.

say hello to Bogie.

he is our new family member.
tyler and i are soo in love with him. he is a long haired red dapple mini dachshund. ( such a mouth full ) he is almost done with puppy shots and then he is become a fabulous disc golf player. mini disc and all. lets see, the house has changed. you laugh, but I clean the floors more often and now we have all these little rugs and way to many toys. ( the little guy is spoiled ) he worries us a little because he loves jumping off things, which being a dachshund is the best thing for their heath. however, he loves the ramp tyler built compared to having to take the whole three stairs down to the art room. i think he just likes it because its covered in a really fury bath matt. thats it for now, but anybody that wants to meet Bogie let us know because he would love to make new friends. i posted a few pics here, but if you would like to see more click here to see more..