Academy of Science.

Backyard Garden.

So, most of our family know about the tomato crop Ty has been growing. 8 different kinds, although 2 aren't doing so well and 2 are done, for 4 left. Just a few photos of the pickings right before some of the plants were done. I have ventured into trying to make salsa because of all the fresh ingredients we have around. thanks to will and has dad a couple weeks ago we even had fresh garlic, onions, and chilies. I was using a blending as picture until recently. Thanks mom for the mini cuisinart, picutures to come.

Carmel Part 2.

This was Day 2 of our weekend trip to Carmel, CA. This was the important day of the trip, it was the Annual Carmel Wiener Roast! We never good shot of when everyone finally showed up. In total there were about 200 dachshunds + there owners. A few of the doxies were from the club here in SLO, although we really don't know them. Everyone was very friends and Bogie met lots of dogs, most were minis (bogie was still huge), but there were a few full-size dachshunds. we met hershel & jahjah (don't trust me on spelling) at dinner the night before at "Forge In The Forest Restaurant." Tyler and I would totally recommend it, they have a dog friendly patio. We actually think the service was better out there, Bogie had his own menu, although he ordered nothing : ) the owner brought him some chicken though. check out the pictures below, the last is Bogie in the car. I must say he is a good traveling dog... he goes everywhere with us.

Carmel Part 1: Weekend Trip

One weekend over the summer to Carmel, CA known for being VERY dog friendly. Dogs were pretty much everywhere. Except for this one part downtown with a sign saying "no dogs," kinda strange since it was the only green spot we seemed to find in town. Carmel, was pretty fabulous, I would live there. We can't really afford that price tag. Plus I have a feeling its foggy pretty often. We set out from SLO and drove up Hwy 1 (the Scenic Way), stopped and saw the elephant seals (been there done that), came across lots and lots of fog. so much fog that Ty made up a new word... "Foggly." As he was say, its fog thats so thick you can't see through it. In many cases on the drive we would pull over to look, thinking we weren't up that high, stop and get out to stop (take pictures of the fog, haha, see below) and here the waves, um yeah kinda glad we could only see through faint patches of fog. Anyway, the drive got nicer as we got closer to Big Sur. We even rolled the windows down for Bogie for a bit, I know not the best plan but he now knows how to make the window roll down. Lastly along the journey, with out arrival in Carmel we discovered Pet Food Express. We were kinda impressed with the dog walking station and the biggest case of raw dog food we had ever seen. Oh and we brought our own human snacks, rolls, salami, cheese, and home grown tomatoes and always must have kettle chips. They made great faces! Enjoy and check out Part 2.

another beach beach day.

we didnt make it to the dog beach in morro bay too often. the best part: the few days we made it out, the weather was fabulous! even with his short little legs my little dachshund doesn't seem to have a problem with the water. chasing after the "chuck it" floating ball in the waves or barking at birds with the big dogs.

june slo doxie meetup

just a 2 shots from the meetup. spent a lot of time keeping track of bogie. he kept trying to make friends with a golden retriever. only problem was all the other dachshunds just gang up on any "non dachshund" dog. so the poor golden retriever got barked off towards the other side of the dog park. the dogs owner asked if Bogie was a Mini GR... ahaha. No, but he does seem to channel Kirby quite well.


so summer began with many afternoons in the backyard. bogie liked this idea a lot, plenty of time running in the backyard and people to play with. lots of relaxing, bbq, and i made my first white peach sangria. mmm. its was pretty good, gonna try a different recipe next time though. all and all summer was of to a pretty good start. also the tomatoes at this point were still green but they got big fast.

Just Because.

a Bogie picture for fun. found it on my desktop while cleaning up.