Hearst Castle.

So the Monday after graduation, my auntie kim and gramma stayed to hang out for the day. I had been to hearst castle a LONG time ago... so we planned the trip. It was really fun driving up Hwy 1 through cayucos and cambria. We saw zebras along the way and found out the mr. hearst's pet was a dachshund! He also kept up to 60 doxies at a time on the property. The tours really are cool and I plan to go back and take a different one to see more of the property. Plan in advance if you are going to go and reserve tickets because summer is very busy. The picture above is not mine, but click here for more images.

* Tyler didn't come with :(
He still had family in town, so we plan to go again sometime.


(Raquel, Gianni, Ty and Me)

So we all finally graduated. Except it happened on different days. Tyler on Saturday and Sunday for myself. This was just my favorite picture from the weekend. I just love how we are all wearing sunglasses. I will post more pictures later. Woo so glad to be done!

SLO Dachshund Meet Up: June

Monthly pictures from the June meet up. Dragged Ty away from work for a few hours and we attended the meet up. Yes, we are crazy dog people. However he is like our kid, HAHA so who cares. Plus its something free, its fun to do, its outside, etc. Well... enjoy the pics and if you ever want to come with let us know. So funny to see that many dachshunds running around.