Carmel Part 2.

This was Day 2 of our weekend trip to Carmel, CA. This was the important day of the trip, it was the Annual Carmel Wiener Roast! We never good shot of when everyone finally showed up. In total there were about 200 dachshunds + there owners. A few of the doxies were from the club here in SLO, although we really don't know them. Everyone was very friends and Bogie met lots of dogs, most were minis (bogie was still huge), but there were a few full-size dachshunds. we met hershel & jahjah (don't trust me on spelling) at dinner the night before at "Forge In The Forest Restaurant." Tyler and I would totally recommend it, they have a dog friendly patio. We actually think the service was better out there, Bogie had his own menu, although he ordered nothing : ) the owner brought him some chicken though. check out the pictures below, the last is Bogie in the car. I must say he is a good traveling dog... he goes everywhere with us.