glamour shots.

so during dead week, during down time (because i didn't have any finals) aka my spring break had started, Bogie became a model. a friend of mine has a small photo studio, he got to play with the puppy, i got some pretty sweet photos and everyone's happy. the shoot was really fun, although a bit of a challenge because Bogie didn't have a good success rate with the word "come." oh well. didnt seem to ruin the day and we have like million photos. although the only bad thing that happened was Bogie felt the need to taste all the flowers by trying to eat them and then spitting them out. sorry to eric's landscaper, who knew a dachshund would want to eat flowers. not just flowers though, we went to the backyard and he also ate chives that were in the garden. mmm... ymm. not. gross dog breath. anyways enjoy the photos and check out the web gallery for more.