yosemite web gallery.

so here are two of my favorite pictures from our yosemite trip, we have already talked about going again next year, but we think we might go explore another park! anyways also for your visual enjoyment check out the yosemite web gallery here.

a start to the adventure.

tyler and i have decided that a blog for the two of us might be a fun idea. i needed to take some of the stuff like this off ivegoneGRAPHiC and a lot of the side things had to do to with tyler anyways... like the tomatoes and something i dont think i ever really talked about like the bike collection we have going. so now here is where it all will go. there might be a lot trickling in over the next couple weeks because we have a lot of little things going on and we just got back from Yosemite so we have fun picks to share. we leave you here because it is the Sunday night before the last fall quarter of school! crazy... but at the same time great, the end is near. toodles for now.