disc golf.

everyone knows we play disc golf a lot. myself maybe once a week (maybe) and then tyler, well he plays when ever there is time? its kind funny how much him and andrew play, the disc collection just keeps growing and growing. the fun part is Bogie goes with all the time. we are working on getting him to sit stay each time we get to a new whole by the launch pad. its tricky sometimes with the occasional appearance of Moab the resident course cat, who recently got a new collar and tag. anyways above are pics of Bogie at the launch pad of the 5th hole aka Moab's tree. this is also pretty much half way and it's the watering hole as well. a little bit of ice water from ty's nalgene into a putter (disc has the tallest edges) and Bogie is happy. more pics to come from carmel. trying to update more often.