puppy graduation.

today was the last day of our 8 weeks of puppy class. bogie, tyler, and i didn't miss a class. today was the test. sit, down, puppy push-up, come when called, stay, wait, leave it, drop it, trick (we almost have rollover) and great a person nicely. oh and of course loose leash walking and sit when you stop. we did pretty good, but it wasn't his best. bogie was just a little to excited this morning. anyways enjoy the photo and check out the web gallery for more photos. we will try and post again tomorrow night because we have the may dachshund meet up at the park. should be fun!


Danielle said...

Eric just showed me this graduation picture--Bogie is sooo cute! You should bring him back to Eric's so I can play with him....I miss him a lot.

-Danielle (Bogie's biggest fan)