return from the midwest.

so most of our friends and family know where we went, because i think we bragged about it forever. but for those who didn't know we got to go to Chi-Town as Kanye would say, but to the normal crowd Chicago. i can honestly say I loved it! i just love big cities though too. that many museums and parks in such a small radius what artist wouldn't. we had both never been before and got to go for super cheep because cal poly payed for most of it ($500 bucks each) because we were attended "The Pack Expo." if i remember correctly, it is or is one of the largest packaging expos in the world. it was crazy, soo big, to big to walk around it in heals for sure. it was also in the largest convention center i have ever been at. the place was almost too big, we found out the last day as we were leaving that we acutally missed one whole room of the show. when i say room, think of something more the size of a huge airplane hanger. anyways, the expo was exciting and overwhelming but the best part was exploring the city! we took public transportation everywhere, it was pretty cheep, fast, and goes all over even all the way to the airport. i have to say the system there is even way better than new york and i thought that was fab. haha. we did a lot of walking, not to much shopping, lots of picture talking, went to three museums, the planetarium, and tried to go ice skating. ( it was supposed to open the last night we were there, but the weather was too nice. lame. ) of course we checked out "the bean," saw lots of public art in the parks, and a first for me... we went to an ice hockey game! it was sooo fun and totally worth it we were hard core and thanks to erik and chelsea we had jerseys! we totally pulled off being locals, haha. i would have to say chicago was one of the best trips ty and have gone on. as a side note, we loved the weather it was nice to get out of California's heat and make our peacoats usefully for once. although we did look crazy, because the locals were saying it was bathing suit weather and there we were hats, scarves, gloves and doubled up on jackets. i dunno if i could handle the crazy wind they get, we never got to experience that. here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip if you wanna see a bigger collection check out the chicago web gallery we made here. there are two pages worth of pictures and that wasn't even all of them!